We provide simple, affordable smart home security solutions

Our mission: To provide smarter technology to make home security simpler for you. So you can leave home or go on a holiday with PEACE OF MIND. 

MIS Smart Home Security is a small, dynamic and high tech company with a global focus. Its main focus is to provide trusted and affordable home security products and services with cutting edge technology to each house hold. Because of our size, we are flexible and able to adapt market needs.

With intimate knowledge of the world trends, MIS Smart Home Security has international resources and contacts to provide customers with the best in service and systems.

One key to success is in the continuing innovation and development of our systems. MIS Smart Home Security is driven by a vision to become the NZ and Australian leader in smart home security by creating a vibrant supported Dealer Network. The plan is to build on that success to develop smart home solutions in the future.

  • Professional Service

    Our professionals are trained and certified. They will advise and install a customized package that fits your needs.

  • Affordable Prices

    Because we provide free installation and training, our prices are very reasonable and affordable.

  • Great Support

    Our technical and sales team are only a phone call away to advise and provide immediate solutions to any challenges.

  • Service Warranty

    We provide 36 month replacement guarantee on our security products. Video cameras have a 24 month replacement warranty.

Our Professional Team